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Zac Efron Gave $20 Tip To Vanessa Hudgens’ Striptease Performance

Zac Efron gave $20 to Vanessa Hudgens’ striptease performance during final performance in “Rent” on Sunday.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Wild Night In Russian Club

Daniel Radcliffe has a wild night in a Russian club to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Yankees Cleared Lady Gaga’s Ban Rumor

Lady Gaga, who was dressed in underwear, fishnets and a loose jersey, was not banned from the clubhouse at Yankees Stadium.

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Caused A Club Feud

Lindsay Lohan reportedly caused another club feud with New York Ranger skaters Aaron Voros and Sean Avery at 1Oak.

Lady GaGa Reportedly Defends Adam Lambert From Homophobe

Lady GaGa, who was partying with friends at Ottawa club Barrymore, encountered a homophobe, who criticized her for being friends with openly gay American Idol star Adam Lambert.

Rachel Uchitel’s Absolutely No Contact With Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods became the center of speculation of holding hands at a party on December 27 in Palm Beach, Florida but her lawyer Gloria Allred labeled the reports as incorrect.

Charlie Sheen’s Kids Are Being Investigated By Child Welfare?

A report suggested that a child welfare service has decided to look into the safety of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s kids after a domestic violence between their parents occurred.

Rachel Uchitel On Claims She Recently Partied With Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel became the center of speculation that she was partying with Tiger Woods in Palm Beach this weekend.

Tiger Woods Would Act Like A Shy Virgin To Strip Clubs

Tiger Woods usually pretended to be a shy virgin to the strip clubs, which is an act of strip club regular, in the presence of topless dancers.

Lindsay Lohan Literally Falls Out of Club

Lindsay Lohan was left red-faced on Saturday night when she tripped over in front of a horde of photographers.

Prince Harry’s $10,000 Booze In Two Hour Binge

Prince Harry, who was known for his considerable notoriety of hard partying, is believed to have run a $10,000 bill boozing with girlfriend Chelsy Davey in the VIP area of London’s Boujis club late Friday night on Saturday morning September 5 – 6.

Kate Middleton Flashed Her Legs On A Night Out

Kate Middleton, who was spotted during her sensational Caribbean holiday, unintentionally flashed her thigh as her dress rides up on a night out with Prince William.

Paris Hilton ‘Tried To Snuggle’ With Cristiano Ronaldo

Paris Hilton attempted to seduce Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in a nightclub, according to the reports.