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Ellen DeGeneres Became The “American Idol” 4th Judge

Ellen DeGeneres has been officially chosen to be the new judge of the talent show when it returns for the ninth season in January 2010.

Inside Paula Abdul’s Split From American Idol

Paula Abdul’s departure from “American Idol” was the product of months of calculation: financial and logistical on the part of the show’s producers and its network, Fox, and entrepreneurial and retaliatory on the part of Ms. Abdul, who in recent months has grown increasingly certain that greater opportunities lie elsewhere.

Did “Power Texting” Help Kris Allen Win Idol?

One week after the confetti fell on Kris Allen, the American Idol’s victory is in question, but Fox is sticking by its winner.

Jennifer Hudson Set To Return To American Idol

Jennifer Hudson is rumored to returning to American Idol for the first time since her family was struck by tragedy.

Kara DioGuardi On American Idol Having Little Girl Power

As the new kid on the “American Idol” judge’s block, Kara DioGuardi said her presence has already changed things up as the show readies for its Season 8 premiere.

Amy Poehler Is Reportedly Pregnant

“Baby Mama” star Amy Poehler, who reprises her role of Hillary Clinton in Saturday Night Live, is pregnant!

Geraldo Rivera: Knocked Over During Hurricane Ike Reporting

Geraldo Rivera, who was reporting live from Galveston, Texas, was knocked over by the storm surge ahead of Hurricane Ike.

Ashley Tisdale Shows Off Her Perfect Bikini Body In Hawaii

Ashley Tisdale, who is a “High School Musical” star, turned 23 years old on July 2.