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Vanessa Hudgens Attended “Pray for Mother Nature” Launch Party

Vanessa Hudgens attended that launch party for “Pray for Mother Nature” in Venice, California on September 30.

Vanessa Hudgens Hosted Launch Party of Guess Seductive

Vanessa Hudgens hosted launch party of Guess Seductive on September 29.

Vanessa Hudgens Watched Weezer Concert

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted while watching “Axe Music One Night Only” concert series on September 22.

Vanessa Hudgens Attended “Legend of Guardians” Premiere

Vanessa Hudgens attended a “Legend of Guardians” in Los Angeles, California on September 19.

Vanessa Hudgens Was Spotted In FOX Studios

Vanessa Hudgens, who wears black blazer, long sleeve woven shirt and skinny jeans, was spotted in FOX Studios.

Vanessa Hudgens Extended Her Support For “Stand Up To Cancer”

Vanessa Hudgens extended her support for “Stand Up To Cancer” at Sony Pictures Studio on September 10 in Culver City, California.

Zac Efron Gave $20 Tip To Vanessa Hudgens’ Striptease Performance

Zac Efron gave $20 to Vanessa Hudgens’ striptease performance during final performance in “Rent” on Sunday.

Nicole Scherzinger & Vanessa Hudgens Dished The Scoop On “Rent”

Neil Patrick Harris, who was a director of the hit play “Rent,” revealed that he loves the musical play, the messages of the story and performing at Hollywood Bowl is amazing.