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Paris Jackson’s Confusion Over Public Mask

Paris Jackson is very confuse why she has to wear a mask in public.

Michael Jackson’s Mother Could Appear On “Oprah Winfrey Show”

Katherine Jackson could appear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for an interview with Oprah.

Michael Jackson’s Son Packed Food At L.A. For Starving Kids

Prince, who was the son of Michael Jackson, was spotted while packing food for starving kids.

Jermaine Jackson Couldn’t Afford To Pay Child Support

Jermaine Jackson couldn’t afford to pay child support because he was broke.

Michael Jackson’s Rumored Love Child Was Rejected

Mocienne Petit Jackson, who claimed to be Michael Jackson love child, has been denied the chance to prove it.

Joe Jackson’s Reason For Spanking Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson was spanking Michael Jackson to keep him away from many gangs as well as getting into trouble or going to jail.

Michael Jackson’s Rejected Album Cover Will Be Included In Auction

Michael Jackson’s rejected album cover is expected to be included in auction later this year.

Jackson Rathbone Plays With A Tiger Cub

Jackson Rathbone was spotted while playing with a tiger cub at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Wesley Snipes: Michael Jackson Was Angel

Wesley Snipes, who admired Michael Jackson’s impact to the world, called the late singer an angel.

Outrage Over Access of Michael Jackson’s Grave

Randy Jackson sparked an outrage using his Twitter after revealing he was doing his best to allow Michael Jackson fans’ access in Forest Lawn on June 25.

Jackson’s Estate Declined To Pay Money To Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, who is the father of Michael Jackson, is not receiving any funds from the late singer’s estate simply because he was not a beneficiary under the will and he is going to use the money for lavish expenses.

Michael Jackson’s Kids Have Allowance Increase

Michael Jackson’s kids have had their monthly allowance increased after the lawyers for the late singer’s estate appealed to raise the sum paid to Katherina Jackson because the $60,000 is not enough for taking care of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, who is known as Blanket.

Michael Jackson’s Estate Owes Millions, According To Creditors Claim

Although Michael Jackson’s estate may be making serious money, the creditors claim that the estate may owe them more than $20 million.

Michael Jackson’s Kids Boost Self-Esteem With Martial Arts

Michael Jackson’s children found a way to boost the self-esteem and gain leadership skills in martial arts instruction.

Joe Jackson’s Fraud Accusations Against Will Administrators

Michael Jackson’s father appeared to intensify his campaign to get money from his son’s estate after making accusations of fraud against the singer’s will administrators.