Prince William’s Joss Stone Playlist

Prince William is the one who has chosen which tracks Joss Stone will perform at yesterday’s Concert for Diana.


The prince rang the singer to be able to personally ask her to appear at the tribute show being held for Princess Diana, on what would have been her 46th birthday, to mark the 10th anniversary of her death.

A source revealed, “Joss is very excited about the concert. She wanted to do something special and knew there was no one better to do the choosing than the prince himself.”

A source added, “[Prince] William told her that ‘You Had Me’ was his favorite song so that’s in her set. He also explained that Diana was a big fan of Tina Turner so Joss has decided to incorporate a version of ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’.”

Prince William has also asked Joss to sing Queen hit ‘Under Pressure’, and the soul singer has managed to persuade the band’s guitarist Brian May to join her on stage for her performance.

No Princess In Joss Stone’s Future

Joss Stone, the English soul singer, was rumored to be the latest object of Prince William’s affection, however before she has had time to get used to the idea of ‘Princess Joss,’ her representatives have denied any possible romance.


Prince William is merely in contact with Joss to discuss her song choices for the Princess Diana tribute concert.

Dave Woolf, the singer’s representative, revealed, “They talked about what songs she is going to sing at the concert and that gets translated into a story about how William has been bombarding her with calls.”

Prince William recently ended his serious relationship with English commoner Kate Middleton.

The representative also revealed that Joss Stone is also looking at the relationship in a professional light. The representative added, “She is really pleased to be involved in the event and was anxious that she do something that would have meant something to the princess as opposed to singing any old three songs. She wanted to get direct input about what they wanted her to do.”

Joss Stone Is Getting Close To Prince William?

Joss Stone has prompted reports of a romance with Prince William after claims the royal regularly calls the singer to discuss her performance at the forthcoming Diana, Princess of Wales concert.


The young singer is among a number of acts due to perform at the London gig on 1 July, to mark what would have been the Princess’s 46th birthday – including Sir Elton John and Duran Duran – but friends claim single Stone, 20, has been getting special treatment from the 24-year-old prince.

A friend revealed, “She thinks he’s gorgeous and is incredibly flattered.” A source added, “Joss is delighted by the fact that [Prince] William is phoning her and they hit it off instantly. They’ve spent ages talking about which songs she should perform.”

Joss Stone, who recently complained about her love life, has been single since splitting with Beau Dozier two years ago. The singer moaned, “I think I’ll have to turn lesbian. Every girl my age wants to be in a relationship.”

Joss Stone Got A Crush On Prince Harry

Joss Stone, the 19-year-old English soul singer, could not wait to perform at the memorial concert for Princess Diana. The concert would be held this July 2007. The reason behind this is because she will meet her crush, Prince Harry.

Joss Stone

The soul singer confesses she has a crush on the prince. Joss Stone reveals, “Oh my God, that was so cool, I was like (shrieking). “Harry is more my type than William,” after the singer heard that Prince Harry says her name.