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David Archuleta Temporarily Stops Music Career To Be A Mormon Missionary

David Archuleta plans to take a break from his music career for two years to become a full-time Mormon missionary.

How David Archuleta Is Coping From Being Dropped From His Record Label

David Archuleta coped pretty well from being dropped from his record label.

David Archuleta Was Dropped By Record Label

David Archuleta was dropped by his record label Jive Records when his latest album flopped.

David Archuleta’s India Trip For World Leprosy Day

David Archuleta opened up on his trip to India for World Leprosy Day while volunteering with Rising Star Outreach.

David Archuleta Was Spotted In “Girl Up” Campaign Launch

David Archuleta was spotted performing at the Variety’s Girl Up campaign launch in Los Angeles on November 4.

David Archuleta Had A Chat With A Fine Frenzy

David Archuleta recently had a chat with Alison Sudol of a Fine Frenzy in Hollywood.

David Archuleta Was Spotted At 2010 “Stand Up To Cancer Benefit”

David Archuleta was spotted while he attended the 2010 “Stand Up to Cancer Benefit.”

David Archuleta’s Preview of “The Other Side of Down”

David Archuleta updated his fans through some previews of his new album, “The Other Side of Down.”

David Archuleta Made A Vlog On Album, Music Video And Appearances

David Archuleta made a Vlog to dish some scoop about his upcoming album, recording process and his life.

David Archuleta’s Capital Fourth Rehearsal

David Archuleta was spotted while he was making a rehearsal time for Capitol Fourth at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. on July 3.

David Archuleta Promotes “Chords of Strength” Book In NY

David Archuleta was spotted at Borders while promoting his new book “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance” in New York on June 2.

David Archuleta’s “Happy Mothers’ Day” Greeting

David Archuleta, who previously performed “Imagine” on American Idol last month, made a video blog to greet all the mothers: “A Happy Late Mother’s Day.”

David Archuleta Sparked Controversy After Visiting Gay Club

David Archuleta hit the headlines after he was seen visiting a gay club in NYC this weekend. The “American Idol” star explained the situation using his Twitter profile.

David Archuleta Got The Chance To Sing For Haiti’s Cause

David Archuleta got the chance to sing for Haiti after a video of him, which showed that he is singing on the backstage of the telethon, had been brought by MTV correspondent.

David Archuleta’s End of 2009, Here’s To 2010

David Archuleta, who was in El Paso, Texas for the Sun Bowl, updated his fans with his new Youtube vlog on December 30 as he had an amazing 2009 and is looking to even a better new year.