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Leonardo DiCaprio Blasts Body Double Claims

Leonardo DiCaprio blasts the claims that he uses a body double when filming the sizzling scenes in new film, “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Leonardo DiCaprio And Erin Heatherton Are Having A Lunch Date

Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton are still committed in maintaining their long distance romance.

Leonardo DiCaprio Caused Panic After Being Mistaken As Jewelry Thief

Leonardo DiCaprio caused a brief panic at a Sydney, Australia, jewelry story on Thursday.

Leonardo DiCaprio Was Spotted With His New Hybrid Electric Car

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen while getting into his 2012 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in Los Angeles on August 17.

Permanent Split For Leo DiCaprio And Bar Refaeli?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli could be heading for more permanent split after the couple went separate ways after the Met ball on Monday.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Bar Rafaeli’s New Year’s Eve Party

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli threw a New Year’s Eve party at a private villa in Cabo San Lucas.

Leonardo DiCaprio Joined WWF To Save Tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio, who joined the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), planned a trip to Asia in a bid to save the tigers.

Lindsay Lohan & Leonardo DiCaprio Were Seen Partying Together In Hollywood Hills

Lindsay and Lohan were seen partying together on Thursday night at the Hollywood Hills home of baseball player Brian Wilson.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Said To Date A Russian Model

“When Leo first arrived there were swarms of girls all over him but now he only has eyes for Anne,” so says a source of the alleged dating partners.

Leonardo DiCaprio Left Shoeless By Thieving Fans

A-list celebrities have bodyguards, personal assistants, managers, publicists and countless other hangers-on to “watch out” for their well-being and security.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Zac Efron drug warning

Leonardo DiCaprio told Zac Efron to stay off drugs.

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Sci Fi In Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio will go to the Sci Fi genre for his next film.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Marriage Wish

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to get married.

Leonardo DiCaprio On Environment & New Car

Leonardo DiCaprio, who promotes her upcoming film “Revolutionary Road,” discuss his passion for the environment and the new sports car he just bought.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Joy At Barack Obama’s Victory

Leonardo DiCaprio used the London premiere of his latest movie to express his joy at Barack Obama’s victory.