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Maureen McCormick Confirms Dating With Michael Jackson

Maureen McCormick finally confirms about her past relationship with Michael Jackson on “I’m A Celebrity‚Ķ Get Me Out of Here!”

Michael Jackson’s New Album Causes Family Rift

Michael Jackson’s new album adds a rift to his family since his brothers are having different opinions about it.

Britney Spears’ Tribute To Michael Jackson In Las Vegas Show

Britney Spears decides to have a tribute to Michael Jackson in her Las Vegas show.

Michael Jackson’s Father Is Spotted At Perfume Kiosk of Las Vegas Mall

Joe Jackson spends his day at a perfume kiosk of a Las Vegas mall.

Michael Jackson’s Children Were Spotted At A Handprint Ceremony

Prince, Paris and Blanket remembered their father Michael Jackson at a hand and footprint ceremony on January 26 in L.A.

Michael Jackson’s Family Is In Bidding Fight Over His Hand And Foot Prints

Michael Jackson’s family wanted the rock, which contained his hand and foot prints but the owner didn’t want to give it up.

Michael Jackson’s Family Have Different Views On Dr. Conrad Murray’s Sentence

Not all family members of Michael Jackson are satisfied with the four-year-sentence for Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter case.

Prosecutors Wishes Conrad Murray To Pay More Than $100 Million To Michael Jackson’s Kids

Prosecutors of Conrad Murray manslaughter case are asking Judge Michael Pastor to order the doctor to give Michael Jackson’s kids more than $100 million for their loss.

Michael Jackson’s Brothers Were Reportedly Duped Over Signed Thriller Jackets

Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson filed a lawsuit against a guy who tricked them into signing 1,000 replicas of the famous Michael Jackson “Thriller” and “Beat It” jackets.

Michael Jackson’s Parents Are Ecstatic On Conrad Murray’s Guilty Verdict

Katherine and Joe Jackson are ecstatic after Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Monday in the pop star’s death.

Janet Jackson Cancels Her Concerts In Australia

Janet Jackson canceled her Australian tour so that she could attend the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who’s been accused of involuntary manslaughter of her brother Michael.

Paris Jackson Watched Chris Brown’s Los Angeles Concert

Paris Jackson flashed a heart sign for Chris Brown while watching in front row seat at his concert last night.

Michael Jackson’s Son Inherit His Moves

Michael Jackson’s son Blanket inherit his dance moves when he was seen dancing backstage at Saturday’s tribute concert.

Paris Jackson Was Sporting “Thriller” Jacket At Michael Jackson’s Tribute Concert

Prince, Paris and Blanket, who are Michael Jackson’s kids, paid tribute to their late father at the Michael Forever concert in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Reportedly Ordered Propofol From A Pharmacist

Dr. Conrad Murray ordered 15 liters of Propofol from a pharmacist, which was revealed at a court on Tuesday.