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Paris Hilton Treats Herself Ferrari Car

Paris Hilton treats herself a car, which is her Black Friday purchase.

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Reunites With Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton decided to put their past differences as they reunited in Malibu beach party.

Paris Hilton And Cy Waits Ended Their Relationship

Paris Hilton and beau Cy Waits decided to call it quits, which was confirmed by multiple insiders.

Paris Hilton Was Introduced To Manny Pacquiao After Watching Post-Fight Conference

Paris Hilton watched Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao defend his title in Las Vegas on May 7.

Paris Hilton Wants To Apologize To Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton felt so bad so she is now issuing a full-fledged apology for making a verbal jab at Lindsay Lohan.

Paris Hilton Is Being Sued For Unreturned $60,000 Damiani Jewelry

Paris Hilton is being sued by Munich-based insurance company because she didn’t returned the borrowed jewelry that she loaned from Italian jeweler Damiani in 2007.

Paris Hilton’s Tequila Shots In NY Party

Paris Hilton had been doing tequila shots and talking to male friends in New York on November 8.

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Allegedly Hit A Photographer

Paris Hilton hit the headlines again after her boyfriend Cy Waits allegedly hit a photographer in West Hollywood on September 29.

Paris Hilton: Detained In Japan Over Her Recent Las Vegas Arrest

Paris Hilton was detained in Japan just a day after she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton Saved 20 Rabbits From Pet Shop

Paris Hilton saved 20 rabbits when she heard that they were being sold as snake food.

Paris Hilton’s Starfish Photo & Spent Time In Hawaii

Paris Hilton has posted pictures, including starfish, of scuba diving adventures on Twitter.

Has Paris Hilton Post The ‘Controversial’ Chanel Purse Before Arrest?

Paris Hilton has bragged about her sparkly new designer handbag about a month and a half ago.

Paris Hilton Thanks Loyal Fans After Recent Arrest

Paris Hilton, who was previously arrested in Las Vegas, thanked her fans for their love and standing by her.

Paris Hilton’s Tweet About Break-In Scare

Paris Hilton has tweeted about the break-in scare as she called the police and found an intruder trying to break into her house.

Paris Hilton’s Stolen Jewelry Were Returned

Paris Hilton, who was burglarized last year, retrieved most of her stolen belongings based on the confirmation of her representative.