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Paula Abdul And Nicole Scherzinger Reportedly Received Death Threats After X-Factor Elimination

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger got death threats from “The X Factor” fans after voting Drew Ryniewicz out of the contest.

Paula Abdul’s 911 Call During Valentine’s Day Drive With Boyfriend

Paula Abdul called 911 during a drive with a boyfriend and repeatedly screamed to drop her off.

Is Paula Abdul Planning To Destroy American Idol?

Is Paula Abdul Planning To Destroy American Idol? There is a report suggesting that Paula has a plan for revenge as she is banking on her upcoming one-woman Las Vegas show becoming a mega-hit.

Paula Abdul Revealed Leaving Idol Was About Principle

Paula Abdul said why she left American Idol and it was not about money but she had to stand on her principle.

Inside Paula Abdul’s Split From American Idol

Paula Abdul’s departure from “American Idol” was the product of months of calculation: financial and logistical on the part of the show’s producers and its network, Fox, and entrepreneurial and retaliatory on the part of Ms. Abdul, who in recent months has grown increasingly certain that greater opportunities lie elsewhere.

Fans Support Paula Abdul, But Would ‘American Idol’ Go On?

The clock is winding down to the judges’ round of “American Idol” auditions — next month, the gates will be opened for a new batch of hopefuls.

“Hurt” Paula Abdul Likely To Exit “American Idol”

“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul will likely step down, manager says.

Paula Abdul On Adam Lambert’s Chances & Getting Off Medication

Paula Abdul may be betting on Adam Lambert making it to the “American Idol” finals, but in a new interview, she said he’ll do well regardless of whether he wins the crown.

Paula Abdul: Fourth “Idol” Judge A Mistake

Paula Abdul isn’t too keen on the addition of fourth judge Kara DioGuardi to “American Idol” this season.

Will Paula Abdul Leave American Idol?

Paula Abdul, who recently sparked reports about her alleged fan who was found dead, is planning to bow out of American Idol!

American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Was Snapped On A Toilet By A Fan

Paula Abdul, who is one of the American Idol judge, was shocked to discover an overzealous fan photographing her over a toilet cubicle partition.

Paula Abdul Thinks “American Idol” Destroys Kids’ Dreams

Paula Abdul, the judge of the “American Idol” has slammed the talent show for “destroying the souls” of aspiring singers.

Paula Abdul Admitted That Simon Cowell Is A Good Friend

Their back-and-forth squabbling in “American Idol” might make a great drama, but Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are really friends in real life. Paula Abdul, the multi-platinum singer, confesses that her squabbling with Simon Cowell – and her grimacing on the camera – is just for show. She reveals, “We have cultivated a fun relationship. […]