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Angelina Jolie Would Like To Play Elizabeth Taylor In The Film

Angelina Jolie would like to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a film, which focused on the infamous love affair.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Became Closer After Brief Split

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who appeared to be closer than ever, were seen in the rain covers at Wimbledon.

A Report Suggests What Happened On Tiger Woods’ SUV Car Crash

A report provided some details on what really happened on the November night when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV.

Tiger Woods Reportedly Checked Into A Rehab In Arizona

Tiger Woods, who hit the headlines with his numerous affairs, has reportedly checked into a private, upscale rehabilitation facility in Arizona.

Tiger Woods’ Wife Wants Divorce, Kids’ Custody & Half of His Fortune

Elin Nordegren, who is Tiger Woods’ wife, wants a divorce, sole custody of their two kids and half his estimated £370 million fortune.

Mistress Thought Tiger Woods Got Married To Boost His Image

Tiger Woods reportedly told his mistress that he only got married to boost his public image.

David Letterman’s Former Writer Quit Show Because of Sexual Favoritism

A former writer for David Letterman quit the show because she was uncomfortable working in an environment rife with sexual favoritism.

Katy Perry Snubbed An Aussie Designer

An Australian fashion designer, who was involved in a legal dispute with US pop star Katy Perry over their shared name, revealed that her attempt to extend an olive branch has failed.

Salma Hayek Denies Jon Peters’ Affair Claim

Salma Hayek has denied a claim by Batman producer Jon Peters that he had an affair with her.

American Idol Finalists’ Family Affair

It’s been a long time now since the American Idol contestants left their normal lives behind and were whisked up into the whirlwind that is the show.

Balthazar Getty’s Wife: “Humiliated” With Sienna Miller’s Affair

Sienna Miller’s steamy affair and much of her body has been exposed now that the barely clad actress has been spotted kissing married Balthazar Getty in a boat off the Amalfi coast.