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Michael Jackson’s Rumored Love Child Was Rejected

Mocienne Petit Jackson, who claimed to be Michael Jackson love child, has been denied the chance to prove it.

Jon Gosselin’s Unauthorized Withdrawal From Joint Account

Kate’s lawyer disclosed that Jon Gosselin made unauthorized withdrawal of $200,000 from their bank account, which means Jon violated an arbitrator’s rules and he could be found in contempt of court.

Judge: Michael Jackson’s Kids Are ‘Doing Wonderfully’

The judge, who tackled the legal issues concerning Michael Jackson‘s estate, thought that the late singer’s kids were “doing wonderfully” three months after their father’s death.

Michael Jackson’s Death Ruled Homicide

Michael Jackson’s death was surrounded by a lot of mystery, which slowly unraveled after Los Angeles County coroner has ruled his death a homicide.

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Show Some Affection At Basketball Court

Zac Efron and his on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were spotted watching a basketball game on Sunday afternoon, April 19.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Court Complications

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head low as she heads to an important legal meeting at an office building on Wednesday afternoon (April 8 ) in Los Angeles.

Rihanna’s Father Says Chris Brown Needs To Stop Being In Denial

Responding to Chris Brown’s not guilty plea concerning the assault he did to Rihanna, the songstress’ father Ronald Fenty says Chris “needs to stop being in denial”.

Laywer: Rihanna Will Testify if Required

Donald Etra, who is the lawyer of Rihanna, revealed that the 21-year-old singer could wind up testifying in the felony assault case against her boyfriend Chris Brown.

Britney Spears Made Bizarre Outburst That Shocks Courtroom

Britney Spears shocked spectators when she made a bizarre outburst in court on Friday.

Britney Spears Arrives In LA Court For Custody Case Hearing

The custody case of Britney Spears, which is one of the Hollywood’s profile custody cases, was back in court Friday.