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Jennifer Aniston’s Jealous Dog

Jennifer Aniston’s beloved dog doesn’t like her to make new friends.

Jennifer Aniston Was Baffled By Attention

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston says people are so fascinated by her romantic affairs that even her dog is famous.

Barking bride Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s pet dogs will have starring roles at her wedding.

Jennifer Aniston’s Special Gift To Letterman

It appeared that Christmas came early for David Letterman on Thursday night after Jennifer Aniston stopped by Late Show to pay a visit and gave him a very special gift – the necktie from her sexy GQ cover photo.

Enrique Iglesias Was Kicked Out of Home By Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias has been kicked out of his home by girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

Jennifer Aniston Hired Dog Therapist

Jennifer Aniston, who was seen embracing her BFF Courteney Cox over cocktails at a Fashion Week party in NYC last month, has hired a therapist for her dog.

Jennifer Aniston Wore Bikini In Mexico, Wishes Men To Be Like Dogs

Jennifer Aniston, who was approaching to her 40th birthday in a few months away, was spotted on a Mexico beach as she flaunted her toned and tanned body.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Hates John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston’s dog reportedly hates her new boyfriend John Mayer.

Hayden Panettiere: Glamour Magazine July 2008 Issue

Hayden Panettiere is a cover girl for Glamour magazine for its July 2008 issue.