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Justin Bieber’s Successfully Builds Shop In NYC

Justin Bieber successfully builds a shop, which attracts a large crowd that will buy his items.

Justin Bieber Talks About Rumored Romance With Hailey Baldwin

Justin Beiber landed on the cover of the March edition of GQ, which hits newsstands on Thursday.

Justin Bieber Answers News About Flipping Chair

Justin Bieber is the center of the headline after news about flipping the chair.

Justin Bieber Causes Fan’s Frenzy While Chatting With Larry King

Justin Bieber cannot resist the opportunity to chat with Larry King on the street on January 30 in Los Angeles, California.

Justin Bieber Dishes His Secret To Get Body of Calvin Klein’s Ads

Justin Bieber becomes the center of photoshop controversy after posing in Calvin Klein Jeans poster but his 59.5 million followers are defending him.

Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Forget Feud Over Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone appeared to forget their differences over Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber Blows Candles As He Turns 20

Justin Bieber is spotted while celebrating his 20th birthday.

Is Justin Bieber Scoping Out Atlanta Mansions?

Justin Bieber is looking at houses in Atlanta especially the mansions that are located on Blackland road.

Justin Bieber Nearly Had 30 mph Before His Arrest

Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence, which might not be based on airtight case.

Justin Bieber Spends $75,000 In Miami Nightclub

Justin Bieber goes to a nightclub in Miami and spends $75,000, according to the representative of the strip club.

Justin Bieber Launches An Egg Assault On Neighbor’s Home

Justin Bieber started an egg assault at his neighbor’s home on Thursday night.

Justin Bieber Is In Limousine During Entourage Member’s Alleged Attack

Justin Bieber’s entourage member is involved in the second alleged attack within 2 days.

Justin Bieber Adopts A Bulldog In Stratford

Justin Bieber becomes the new owner of an American bulldog, which he feels in love with.

Justin Bieber Declares He Is Officially Retiring

Justin Bieber seems serious with his retiring promise after his album drops because he officially announces that he is officially retiring.

Is Justin Bieber Planning To Retire?

Justin Bieber announces that he is retiring and it can be permanent.