Princess Diana’s resemblance to Kate Middleton is very strange. If you are going to darken and lengthen Princess Diana’s hair, do a little airbrush in the thread lines and reshape the face. They looked like each other.

History should not repeat itself. The headline of Express newspaper includes: “Why we must not let Kate suffer the same fate as Diana.”

What is the possible meaning to this headline? Are they referring to the fate of Princess Diana with the paparazzi?

Lawyers representing Mohammed La Fayed argue with that point. They told the High Court that the decision to hold the inquest regarding Princess Diana’s death behind closed doors is “fatally flawed”.

Michael Beloff QC said: “There is no doubt at all on the evidence available… that the paparazzi were involved in the pursuit of the vehicle which crashed on the night in question.”

“There are those who have in recent months – in particular in regard to Miss Kate Middleton… – said there is an eerie similarity in the way in which the paparazzi are now hounding the young lady and the way in which they hounded the late Princess Diana.”

Perhaps Kate should take extra precaution if paparazzi would pursue her again with their stolen shots of their cameras.

Who’s The Girl Who Was Hailed As Most Natural Beauty?

Fox biscuits conducted a nationwide poll, Top 10 Natural Beauty. The survey was made by the Fox biscuits to promote its new product. The survey includes 1,000 people who rate the most natural beauty among the attractive celebrities. The majority of men, who responded in the survey, said they favored women to go natural raher than adopt the plastic Hollywood look.

Kate Middleton, 25, the girlfriend of Prince William earned the top spot in the U.K.’s Top 10 Natural Beauties. She was voted as the most natural beauty in Britain.

Here is the list of Top 10 Natural Beauties:

1. Kate Middleton ~ she is really pretty. She is 25-year-old brunette.



2. Charlotte Church ~ a Welsh singer.


Charlotte Church


3. Claudia Schiffer ~ a supermodel.


Claudia Schiffer


4. Kate Moss ~ another beautiful supermodel.


Kate Moss


5. Catherine Zeta Jones ~ a Hollywood actress



6. Keira Knightley ~ an actress


Keira Knightley


7. Gwyneth Paltrow ~ an actress



8. Scarlett Johansson~ an actress



9. Beyoncé Knowles~ an American singer and a star of the movie, “Dreamgirls”.



10. Victoria Beckham~ a former Spice Girl. She also known as Posh Spice.

Posh Spice

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for a romantic break


Justin spend a romantic evening with Jessica Biel. It was reported that Justin skipped the after party for his new film Snake film during the premiere at Sundance Film Fstival to be with Jessica.

Jessica stayed with Justin at his four bedroom condo at the Trail’s End Lodge ($1,950 per night). On the next day, they were spotted snowboarding at the Park City Mountain Resort.

Are they a couple? The representative of Jessica Biel refused to make a comment on Jessica’s relationship with Timberlake. She said that “Jessica was in Sundance for a couple of days to see some movies.”

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are officially divorced

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, 39, and singer Kid Rock, 36 were only together for four months before Pamela filed for divorce last November. Pamela mentioned irreconcilable differences as the main reason why they got a divorce. According to divorce papers, neither party is looking for financial costs but they could not remarry for at least six months.

The couple was married last year in a sophisticated ceremony in French St. Tropez. At that time, Pamela described her marriage as the most romantic wedding of all time. It was reported that Pamela suffered a miscarriage earlier this month.