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Lindsay Lohan’s Apology Video After Failing To Switch On Its Christmas Lights

Lindsay Lohan made an apology video to Kettering after she failed to show up and switch on its Christmas lights.

Ariana Grande’s Fans Were Offended After Lindsay Lohan’s Comment

Ariana Grande’s makeup appeared to attract attention from Lindsay Lohan, who made a comment about it.

Lindsay Lohan Announces A Clothing Line To Help Underprivileged Kids

Lindsay Lohan was beaming when she posed with pals at an afternoon tea on November 9 at Morton’s Club in London, England.

Lindsay Lohan Remembers “Mean Girls” On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan remembers the “Mean Girls” by posting a throwback photo on her Instagram account.

Lindsay Lohan’s New York Arrival And Community Service Deadline

Lindsay Lohan is spotted to arrive in New York on Tuesday when she stops at a hotel in the city.

Lindsay Lohan Is Rushed To The Hospital After Getting A Virus

Lindsay Lohan is rushed to King Edward VII hospital in London after having a high fever and unbearable joint pain.

Lindsay Lohan Sang “Edge of Seventeen” For The Birthday Party Crowd

Lindsay Lohan performed a classic Steve Nicks song at some financier’s NYC birthday last night.

Lindsay Lohan Was Hired To Go Clubbing And Partying In London

Lindsay Lohan went clubbing and partying in London with appearance fees.

Lindsay Lohan Offers Reward For Stolen Laptop

Lindsay Lohan offers a reward to whoever can return her laptop.

Lindsay Lohan’s Pregnancy Tweet

Lindsay Lohan sparks suspicion after writing that she is officially pregnant on her Twitter profile.

Lindsay Lohan Has New Mug Shot

Lindsay Lohan has a new mug shot after being booked by the Santa Monica police.

Lindsay Lohan Claims Punching Incident Is A Setup

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after she is accused of punching a woman at a New York club but she claims that the incident is a setup.

Will Lindsay Lohan Appear In James Franco’s R.E.M. Music Video?

Lindsay Lohan sparks a report that she will star in the latest music video from rock group R.E.M.

Lindsay Lohan Changes Her Support For Barack Obama After Endorsing Mitt Romney

Lindsay Lohan, who previously revealed it was amazing that Senator Barack won the presidential election four years ago, prefers new candidate for president in 2012.

Lindsay Lohan Insists She Wasn’t A Drunk Driver

Lindsay Lohan, who has been involved in rumored car accident, is filing a guy of driving while drunk.