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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Were Still Together In Midst of Split Reports

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom appeared to be going strong despite the split reports.

Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Are Heading For Divorce

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are heading for divorce after having 3 years of marriage.

Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom Slam Marriage Split Rumors

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom dismissed reports, which suggest that they are splitting.

Orlando Bloom Feels Grateful After Three-Story Fall

Orlando Bloom fell three stories when the drainpipe he was scaling collapsed thirteen years ago.

Miranda Kerr Was Quiet Over Her Wedding Details

Miranda Kerr promised to keep quiet over her wedding details because she wants the occasion to remain “special secret”.

Miranda Kerr Was Pregnant With Orlando Bloom’s Baby

Miranda Kerr is pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s baby as she reportedly telling friends she was expecting.

Secret Wedding of Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr In LA

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have a secret wedding in Los Angeles, according to a spokesperson.

Miranda Kerr Flashed Engagement Ring In Los Angeles

Miranda Kerr flashed her diamond ring when she visited churches in Los Angeles with her mother ahead of her wedding to Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom Is Planning For South Africa’s Trip

Orlando Bloom invites his girlfriend Miranda Kerr to join him to the South Africa’s trip for the World Cup. The 33-year-old actor, who is also an avid football fan, is set to travel to South Africa for the World Cup event.

Orlando Bloom Is Willing To Reprise Elf Archer Role In “The Hobbit”

Although the character was believed to have no role in the upcoming film, Orlando Bloom had contacted Peter Jackson, telling him that he would be honored if he is asked to return as the Elf archer in “The Hobbit.”

Miranda Kerr’s Brother Did Not Confirm Her Engagement To Orlando Bloom

Matthew Kerr, who was the brother of Australian model Miranda Kerr, reportedly dished that his sister is now engaged to actor Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom Reportedly Took Off Shirt At Las Vegas Club

Orlando Bloom was reportedly seen stripping off his shirt as he visited a top Las Vegas club on December 1.

Jennifer Aniston & Orlando Bloom Arrived At London’s Heathrow

Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom, who have been romantically linked in the past, were spotted as they touched down at London’s Heathrow recently.

Is Orlando Bloom Engaged?

Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom is reportedly engaged.

Miranda Kerr Dumps Orlando Bloom?

Orlando Bloom has reportedly split from his girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr. Is the romance over? A report suggested that Miranda Kerr’s relationship with Orlando Bloom is finished.