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Angelina Jolie: Emotional Over Why She Wouldn’t Say No To Adopting More Kids

She may already have six children, but Angelina Jolie says she and partner Brad Pitt would ‘never say no’ to adopting more.

Jennifer Aniston Adoption Report Is “Completely Wrong”

Looks like Jennifer Aniston isn’t following in former Brad Pitt’s footsteps. Tabloid Star reports that Pitt, 45, is giving Aniston, 40, advice about adopting a baby boy. It also says the actress — currently in NYC filming The Baster — will spend $250,000 on a nursery.

Angelina Jolie ‘Wants To Adopt Indian Orphan’

Angelina Jolie is reported to have told a young star of the film Slumdog Millionaire that she hopes to adopt an Indian child.

Jennifer Aniston Changed Hair Stylist, Wanted To Be A Single Mom?

Jennifer Aniston famously spent £40,000 flying her trusted stylist Chris McMillan from the US to London to ensure her locks stayed in perfect condition.

Madonna Confirms Split With Jesus, Twitters Her Delight

Madonna confirmed her split with Brazilian model toyboy, Jesus Luz, during a 10 minute interaction with fans over Twitter, using her managers account.

Brad Pitt Got ‘Ugly Dog’ Diss As Angelina Jolie Talks Adoption

It was reported that a “clearly drunk” woman accosted Brad Pitt as he chitchatted with pals at the HBO bash.

Angelina Jolie’s Ethiopian Adoption For Seventh Child

Angelina Jolie, who previously reported to be determined to have the film made her way or not at all, and partner Brad Pitt are reportedly set to adopt another Ethiopian child.

Angelina Jolie Talked Kids, Breastfeeding And New Film

Angelina Jolie, who had landed in New York earlier in the week, arrived with partner Brad Pitt in New York. She was spotted while walking the red carpet at the New York Film Festival for Saturday night’s premiere of her movie “Changeling.”

Jessica Alba Confirms Adopting A Baby In The Future

Jessica Alba has confirmed that she would consider adopting a child in the future.

Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Girl Conceived After Rape

Zahara, the Ethiopian baby adopted by Angelina Jolie, was conceived after her birth mother was raped, the woman has revealed.