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Kylie Minogue’s Cold Cream Endorsement

Kylie Minogue, who became a celebrity endorser of Pond’s cold cream, helps to increase the sales of its beauty product.

Angelina Jolie’s Natural Aging

Looking after six kids and juggling a successful career can take a toll on even the world’s most beautiful woman, a report notes of Angelina Jolie, the mother of Brad Pitt’s children. While Angelina, 33, is clearly blessed with great genes, recent photographs of a line-free face suggest she could have had help to counterbalance […]

Sharon Osbourne Criticized Nicole Kidman

Sharon Osbourne has verbally attacked Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman after saying that she has a forehead “like a flat screen TV”.

Judge Thinks Sharon Stone Is Overreacting Parent

Sharon Stone has so overreacted to her 8-year-old son’s health issues that she suggested he get a Botox treatment for his smelly feet, according to the judge in the actress’s custody case.

Ryan Seacrest: Simon Cowell Loses Scowl Because of Botox

Ryan Seacrest has taken a pop at Simon Cowell, accusing the stony-faced judge of overdoing the botox.

Jennifer Aniston Flashed “Plump New Lips” As 40th Birthday Approaches

Jennifer Aniston, who was dating good-looking rock star almost a decade her junior, will celebrate her 40th birthday just six months away.

Anna Kournikova: No Marriage, Baby Or Botox

Anna Kournikova, who has not played a WTA Tour match in five years, enjoys her time away from the limelight – while swatting away some persistent rumors.