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Justin Bieber Explains Why He Chose To Make Girls’ Fragrance

Justin Bieber thought of having his own fragrance for his female fans, which will make them go crazy with the scent.

Victoria Beckham Was Furious Over Malicious Claim Against Her Husband

Victoria Beckham was furious and humiliated over malicious claim of a vice girl against her husband David.

Naomi Campbell Flaunts Modeling Moves At Dolce & Gabbana’s Botique

Naomi Campbell flaunted her modeling moves at Dolce & Gabbana’s Madison Avenue boutique on September 10.

David & Victoria Beckham Got Too Steamy For New Perfume Scent

David and Victoria Beckham became more passionate in elevator for their advertisement of a new fragrance.

Jennifer Aniston Posed Too Sexy For Perfume Ad Campaign

Jennifer Aniston, who was only wearing a white skirt, posed for perfume advertisement campaign.

Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Perfume Shoot

Kim Kardashian, who was wearing a silver dress,  shot a steamy advertisement.

Rihanna’s Booze Spree & Fragrance Deal

Just as family and friends breathed a sigh of relief over Rihanna taking a break from Chris Brown, the Umbrella singer’s sparked new fears by hitting the town and indulging in ‘reckless’ behavior.

Paris Hilton’s Exercise Craze For Fragrance Photo Shoot

Paris Hilton, who previously denied romantic rumors with Prince William, “went totally crazy” exercising before her recent raunchy photo shoot.

Victoria Beckham’s Facial Beauty Secret: Bird Droppings

Victoria Beckham has supposedly resorted to smearing her face with bird droppings in a bid to keep up with her Hollywood pals in the beauty stakes.