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Jamie Lynn Spears Seeks Colleges’ Advice

Jamie Lynn Spears was reportedly want to go to college after finishing her high school education through online correspondence.

Courtney Love Did Not Want Frances Bean Cobain To Become Jamie Lynn Spears

Courtney Love preferred that her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain to become Jamie Lynn Spears, who had a daughter, Maddie, at age 17, in 2008.

Jamie Lynn Spears Called Off Her Engagement To Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly called off her engagement to her baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

Will Casey Aldridge Serve Prison Time?

He’s out of the hospital, but Casey Aldridge must now deal with the legal implications of his recent truck crash.

Casey Aldridge Walks For First Time Since Car Crash

Casey Aldridge has been released from intensive care and is walking around for the first time since suffering a head injury in a car accident on Sunday.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Fiance Casey Aldridge Removed From ICU After Car Crash

Jamie Lynn Spears’ fiance Casey Aldridge has been hospitalized with head injury after being involved in a single-car crash in Lousiana over the weekend.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Wedding Is Off

On March 4, Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, were spotted leaving their New Orleans hotel after attending her sister Britney Spears’ Circus comeback concert the night before.

Jamie Lynn Spears Will Be Country Crooner

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly walked into studio to make a country music album.

Jamie Lynn Spears Determined To Get Married

Jamie Lynn Spears is pushing ahead with her wedding plans.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Decoy Threatens To Sue

The city of Los Angeles and its airport police force are facing legal action from a decoy they allegedly ordered to help protect Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn Spears Is Livid Over Liposuction Report

Jamie Lynn Spears has been the center of speculation that she undergone liposuction to shed weight during her pregnancy.

Jamie Lynn Spears Had Liposuction While Pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears has undergone a secret fat-reducing cosmetic procedure, according to U.S. tabloid reports.

Jamie Lynn Spears Was Spotted In Kentwood, Louisiana

Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted in Kentwood, Louisiana as she was getting supplies from a supermarket and drive through food from Sonic Burger restaurant on Saturday, November 8. Perhaps her errand was possibly for the Spears family reunion currently underway.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ University Plans, Slammed Cheating Rumors

Jamie Lynn Spears, who was previously rumored to be pregnant again, is planning to go to university to study for a business degree, as soon as her baby daughter is old enough to be left with a nanny.

Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston: Who Is Most Valuable Face?

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston go head-to-head in a new list of the Most Valuable Faces in Hollywood.