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Rihanna Regrets Returning To Chris Brown

Rihanna admitted that she was wrong to go back to Chris Brown after he assaulted her at a pre-Grammy’s party

Chris Brown Starts Community Service In Virginia

Chris Brown cleared weeds and debris at police horse stables in Virginia on Wednesday for the first day of his community service for Rihanna assault.

Chris Brown Got Probation For Rihanna Assault

R&B singer Chris Brown pleaded guilty on Monday to assaulting his former girlfriend, pop star Rihanna, in an agreement with prosecutors that calls for him to spend five years of probation and attend courses on domestic violence.

Rihanna’s Snakeskin Vest & Leaked Picture Shocker

Rihanna was sporting a sexy snakeskin-print ruffled vest on her way out of her New York City hotel on Thursday (May 7).

Rihanna Will Get Grammy Night Jewelry Back

Rihanna will get back $1.4 million in borrowed jewelry she was wearing the night she was allegedly beaten by Chris Brown.

Rihanna Wants Back Jewelry From Night of Alleged Assault

Rihanna wants police to return the $1.4 million in bling she wore the night Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Rihanna ‘Ashamed’ of Chris Brown

Rihanna is “too ashamed” to be seen in public with Chris Brown.

Is Chris Brown’s Manager Really The Other Woman?

The bizarre story of Chris Brown and Rihanna gets even stranger with every day.

Laywer: Rihanna Will Testify if Required

Donald Etra, who is the lawyer of Rihanna, revealed that the 21-year-old singer could wind up testifying in the felony assault case against her boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna Reportedly Planned To Meet Chris Brown After Battery Case Settled

Becoming estranged after their alleged altercation, Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly are planning to meet “at a secret rendezvous location outside of Los Angeles.”

Chris Brown ‘Sorry and Saddened,’ Seeking Counseling

In a statement issued through his publicist, Chris Brown says words are not enough to express his regret over his alleged attack on Rihanna.

Rihanna Injuries Could Determine Charges

The charges U.S. singer Chris Brown will face for an alleged assault may be based on how badly his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, was hurt, legal experts say.

Chris Brown Changes Status ‘Single’ On Facebook After Rihanna Assault

Chris Brown has made his first comment about his alleged assault on Rihanna, announcing the end of their relationship on Facebook.

Friends Worried After Rihanna Had Neck Bruises

Chris Brown may have roughed up Rihanna before their early Sunday morning altercation, according to two friends.