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Carrie Underwood’s Pregnancy Glow

Carrie Underwood confirms that she is pregnant and her baby is due next spring.

Carrie Underwood Broke The Country Music Awards’ Record

Carrie Underwood hit the headlines after she nabbed the first female artist category “Entertainer of the Year” in Las Vegas.

Carrie Underwood Reportedly Engaged To Her Boyfriend

Reports have sparked that Carrie Underwood is engaged to boyfriend Mike Fisher after a family friend congratulated the couple.

Carrie Underwood Falls During Three-Mile Run, Top Earning Idol

Country singer Carrie Underwood is walking with a limp and nursing a gash on her leg after falling during a three-mile run.

Taylor Swift Won’t Follow Other Star’s Footstep

Taylor Swift shuns celebrity parties for quiet nights in with friends.

Carrie Underwood Meets Her Hockey Beau’s Family

Carrie Underwood has already spent her time along with the family of her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Fisher.

Carrie Underwood On Jennifer Hudson’s Performance: “I Think It Was Very Healing”

Carrie Underwood commended her fellow “American Idol” alumni, Jennifer Hudson, for the performance the grieving singer put on at the Grammys on Sunday night.

Chace Crawford Looks For Instant Attraction

Telling Fabulous Mag that his split from ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood last year was mutual and wasn’t simple, Chace Crawford says for the time being he is “very much having fun being single” and simply looks for “instant attraction.”

Jennifer Hudson & Carrie Underwood To Perform At Grammys

Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood are among those slated to sing at the upcoming 51st Grammy Awards telecast in Los Angeles, organizers said Monday.

Carrie Underwood Nervous About People’s Choice

Carrie Underwood, who previously linked to NHL player, survived Simon Cowell and American Idol three years ago and proved her staying power with two hit albums. Yet being up against Rihanna and Taylor Swift at Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards is giving Carrie Underwood the shakes.

Is Carrie Underwood Dating NHL Player?

Carrie Underwood is rumored to have a new love in Canadian-born hockey player Mike Fisher, who plays for the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Jonas Brothers Are Thrilled With Grammy Nomination

The Jonas Brothers, who were famously dropped by Columbia in 2007 after their debut “It’s About Time”, sold just 65,000 copies are thrilled with their Grammy nomination.

Chris Brown Dominates American Music Awards

Chris Brown was the big winner at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, surprising himself most of all.

Carrie Underwood’s Musical Ride In Glendale

Carrie Underwood may see herself as a country singer first and foremost, but her high-energy concert in Glendale on Friday showed how easily the American Idol winner’s music crosses over to pop and rock audiences.

Carrie Underwood Cleared Relationship Rumors

Carrie Underwood, who graced the cover of Elle magazine for its December issue, cleared the air on what’s really going on with her and Michael Phelps and she also revealed the last time she spoke to Jessica Simpson’s beau Tony Romo.