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David Beckham And Son Have A Car Accident

David Beckham has a car accident with his son on Saturday in England.

David Beckham’s Approval In L.A. Victory

David Beckham flaunts his great shape when he was spotted shirtless on Saturday.

David & Victoria Beckham Cut Staff To Save Money

David and Victoria Beckham, worth to be $178 million, was cutting back on spending after receiving a financial advise.

Where’s Katie Holmes As Tom Cruise Parties?

Where in the world was Suri’s mum Katie when Tom’s out partying?

David Beckham Won’t Be Posing With Angelina Jolie In Armani Ad

Is Angelina Jolie going to appear in an underwear commercial with David Beckham? It doesn’t look like it.

Victoria Beckham’s Fantastic Spice Girls Days

Victoria Beckham has gone from being a Spice Girl to the wife of soccer superstar David Beckham and a fashion icon in her own right, but she still has fond memories of her days as a pop star.

Zac Efron Thinks David Beckham Comparison Funny

Compared to David Beckham, Zac Efron says he thinks the comparison is funny, yet openly admits that he loves the way the famous soccer star dresses.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes May Move To London

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may relocate to London to allow Katie to work in the West End following her stint on Broadway.

Victoria Beckham Posed For Sexy Armani Ads

Victoria Beckham is following in the footsteps of her husband David Beckham, appearing in an underwear campaign for Giorgio Armani. The 34-year-old beauty has stripped down to her sexy undies for the new Armani ads.

David Beckham’s Tight Security Amid Terror Fears

David Beckham will reportedly be surrounded by Dubai’s biggest ever security operation when he arrives in the Middle East next week (starting December 29 2008).

David Beckham’s Bungee Text

David Beckham texted wife Victoria before completing a 134ft bungee jump.

David Beckham Owes Salma Hayek A Private Soccer Lesson

David Beckham still owed Salma Hayek a private soccer lesson after the “Frida” actress won the lesson as a prize from charity auction.

Victoria Beckham’s Facial Beauty Secret: Bird Droppings

Victoria Beckham has supposedly resorted to smearing her face with bird droppings in a bid to keep up with her Hollywood pals in the beauty stakes.

David Beckham’s Mystical Beads Boost Love Life

David Beckham, who is married to former “Spice Girls” singer Victoria, has been wearing a mystical necklace to improve his love life.

A Tattoo For Prince William?

Prince William, who spent romantic holiday with his girlfriend, is reportedly keen to get a tattoo.