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Jessica Alba Was Spotted At Boss Black Show

Jessica Alba was spotted at the Boss Black Show in Berlin, Germany on July 8.

Britney Spears Has Plans For Fashion Designing

Britney Spears planned to design clothes that she could be able to wear herself.

Jessica Alba Became The Cover of Genlux Magazine

Jessica Alba became the cover of Genlux magazine for its summer issue.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion Help From Chanel

Lindsay Lohan was claimed that she needed a help from Chanel after wearing unsightly ankle device.

Tom Cruise Allows Daughter To Buy ‘Expensive’ Clothes

Suri Cruise was spotted wearing very expensive clothes such as Ferragamo bags, Chanel lip gloss, etc.

Lindsay Lohan Sunk To “A Kind of Low”

A designer Patrick Aufdenkamp blasted that Lindsay Lohan sunk to “kind of low” when the actress accused him of stealing fashion designs from her.

Kate Middleton Jets Off To NY For Fashion Photographer Job

Kate Middleton, who is the longtime girlfriend of Prince William, isn’t waiting around for him to propose as she jets off to New York to train with a top fashion photographer.

Adam Lambert’s Fashion Style

Adam Lambert talked about his fashion as he opened up details of his favorite clothing lines and style icons in In Style magazine.

Emma Watson Graces The Teen Vogue Magazine

Emma Watson has magically transformed from Harry Potter’s precocious overachiever to a full-blown glamor girl in the August 2009 issue of Teen Vogue. Now the sassy star dishes on Harry Potter, paparazzi, and college.

Emma Watson Will Launch Fashion Line

Emma Watson is set to take on the fashion industry — she’s planning to launch her own clothing range.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion Consultant Controversy

Lindsay Lohan is causing controversy in her bid to become a fashion consultant, according to a new report.

Jennifer Aniston Stole Angelina’s Style? Saves Ex Tapes

Jennifer Aniston is no fan of Angelina Jolie, but she does appreciate her flair for fashion!

Emma Watson’s Fashion Competition Vanishes

As Hermione Granger in the Potter films, Emma, who turns 19 on Wednesday, is used to waving her wand and getting her own way.

Scarlett Johansson On Red Carpet Boob Incident

Scarlett Johansson has described the moment when a fashion designer grabbed her boob as “horrible”, in a new revealing interview.