Facebook Profile of Prince William Is A Hoax

Prince William’s Facebook profile is a hoax. The 24-year-old prince set the record straight after a prankster created a page on the internet networking site under the name ‘William Wales’ and included a picture of the prince in a ski hat and sunglasses. One senior royal aide revealed, “[Prince] William happened to call in yesterday … Read more

Michelle Bass Has Set Her Eye On Prince William

Prince William has received a marriage proposal from topless model Michelle Bass. The former U.K. “Big Brother” contestant has set her eye on the 24-year-old prince and hopes to be Britain’s first pin-up princess. The 26-year-old reality television star revealed, “I saw Prince William in Boujis club once and he looked gorgeous. Now he’s single … Read more

Prince William Fancies Fearne Cotton?

Prince William told Fearne Cotton he fancied her during a recent interview, according to the TV presenter’s father. The 24-year-old prince, who recently split with his girlfriend Kate Middleton, revealed his feelings to the blonde star after she interviewed Prince William about the Princess Diana memorial concert. Mick, father of Fearne, revealed, “We thought it … Read more

Prince Charles Triggered The Split of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Prince William had a split with his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton because Prince Charles pushed him to end his relationship with her unless he was prepared to marry her. According to the report, Kate Middleton, 25, briefly visited her office in Kew, southwest London, a few days after the recent split with Prince William. A … Read more

Prince William Watched Cinema In Solo As Public Hopes For Royal Reunion

After the news that he had split with long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton emerged, Prince William watched a film near the Army base where he is stationed on Tuesday. Only a police bodyguard accompanied the 24-year old prince as he left Bovington base in Devon for an evening screening of the movie “Blades Of Glory”. The … Read more

Kate Middleton Faces Her Life As A Single

Kate Middleton, who recently has a break-up with Prince William, is still wearing a friendship ring given to her by the 24-year-old prince two years ago. The 25-year-old brunette did her best to ignore the commotion of the split as she quietly spent the lunch with her parents and her sister Pippa over the weekend. … Read more

Prince William And Kate Middleton Has Decided To End Their Relationship

Prince William, 24 and his 25-year-old girlfriend Kate Middleton have ended their four-year relationship. The split spoiled the hopes of a stylish royal wedding to rival that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. According to the Saturday report of Sun newspaper, Prince William and Kate Middleton had reached an “amicable agreement” to separate. The sources … Read more

Pensioners Prefer Prince William To Become A King

A survey revealed that pensioners would wish to see Prince William rather than his father become king. In the event of Queen Elizabeth II abdicating, 20% of those questioned chose Prince William to become the next monarch compared with 14% who voted in favor of the Prince Charles. However, almost two-thirds of the 787 U.K. … Read more

Prince William And Prince Harry Target U.S. Stars For A Tribute Concert

It was reported that Prince William and Prince Harry wanted to recruit bigger stars to make the tribute concert of Princess Diana as a global show. The young princes have targeted singers like Beyoncé Knowles, Justin Timberlake and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney to make sure that show appeals to a huge television audience in … Read more

A Friend of Prince William Died In Iraq

It was reported that one of the four British soldiers killed in Basra on Thursday was a friend of Prince William. Second Lieutenant Joanna Yorke Dyer, 24, died when a roadside bomb destroyed the Warrior armored vehicle she was operating in. Patrick Harrison, a royal family spokesman, revealed that Prince William, second in line to … Read more

Kate Middleton’s Reaction To Prince William’s Night Out

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been dating for four years. Earlier this month, they made a rare joint appearance at Cheltenham races. Kate Middleton, without her boyfriend, had lunch with senior royals, including Princess Anne. There are a series of revelations about the night out of Prince William that could give embarrassment to Kate … Read more