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Jamie Lynn Spears Called Off Her Engagement To Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly called off her engagement to her baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

John Mayer’s Messages Prompt Tony Romo To Dump Jessica Simpson

The reason that caused Tony Romo to dump Jessica Simpson on the eve of her 29th birthday has been revealed.

Brad Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’ Dumped Days Before Shooting

Brad Pitt’s next movie, “Moneyball,” has been dropped by Columbia Pictures just days before shooting, Variety reported.

Paris Hilton Dumps Boyfriend

It’s over for Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt of The Hills, it has confirmed.

Parents Wanted Brad Pitt To Dump Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt’s parents want him to dump partner Angelina Jolie — and have urged him to get back with former wife Jennifer Aniston, it has been claimed.

Jennifer Aniston Dumped John Mayer Over Twitter

Jennifer Aniston dumped boyfriend John Mayer over his obsession with the micro-blogging website Twitter, according to a new report.

Robert Pattinson’s Film Excitement & Album Release

Robert Pattinson, who’s set to reprise his ‘Twilight’ role of vampire Edward Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart’s Bella in ‘New Moon’, has admitted that he’s excited about filming the scenes where he ends their relationship.

Rihanna Agrees To Dump Chris Brown

Rihanna has finally seen sense and dumped her Good Boy Turned Bad, Chris Brown.

Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Split

Prince Harry has split from his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, after she decided that she could no longer cope with the pressures of his military career.

Simon Cowell’s Dump Text

Simon Cowell has laughed off rumors he has given his former girlfriend Terri Seymour a £5million ‘parting gift’… because she was the one who dumped him.