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Katie Holmes Arrived At A Recording Studio

Katie Holmes was seen arriving at a recording studio in Hollywood, California on July 31.

Angelina Jolie’s Sexy Leather Dress At Comic-Con 2010

Angelina Jolie wears a stunning outfit of a black pencil skirt and black leather jacket for her appearance at Comic-Con 2010.

Kate Middleton: Retail Shopping & Unfaithful Fears

Kate Middleton was spotted while shopping and doing some errands in London on July 21.

Daniel Radcliffe Will Star In “The Woman In Black”

Daniel Radcliffe was definitely excited to be included “The Woman in Black” film.

Jessica Alba Was Spotted At Boss Black Show

Jessica Alba was spotted at the Boss Black Show in Berlin, Germany on July 8.

Miley Cyrus Struggles With Her Seven-Inch Shoes

Miley Cyrus struggled with her seven-inch Louboutins at the premiere of her new album in Madrid.

Jennifer Aniston Flaunted Abs In Smart Water Campaign

Jennnifer Aniston, who previously diet reports, flaunted her abs in a new “Smart Water” campaign.

Natalie Portman Was Spotted At LAX Airport

Natalie Portman, who was wearing a black cap, tailor suit and Addidas shoes, arrives at LAX airport on May 8.

Lindsay Lohan Romantically Linked To A French Actor

Lindsay Lohan, who was previously linked to different celebrities since her split from former lover Samantha Ronson, became romantically linked to hunky French actor Aurélien Wiik during a visit to a party at the Church boutique in Los Angeles.

Shocking Images Could Cost Tiger Woods Millions In Divorce

Tiger Woods reportedly caught by a security camera groping a mistress during a secret California tryst, which could cost him millions in a divorce war.

Taylor Lautner’s “Saturday Night Live” Hosting Debut

Taylor Lautner is going to make his debut on “Saturday Night Live” when he hosts its December 12 edition, according to NBC announcement.

Kristen Stewart Looked Unapproachable

Fans of Kristen Stewart are very scared to talk to her because she looked so “unapproachable”.

Jennifer Aniston’s Black Bathrobe Scene, Bitter With John Mayer?

Jennifer Aniston wears a black bathrobe for her next scene in her film, The Baster, in New York City on Friday (May 1).

Hayden Panettiere Gave Fans An Eyeful In Heroes Promotion

Hayden Panettiere, who is the star of the show “Heroes” shows off her super cleavage as she promotes her BBC2 hit show.

Demi Lovato Has Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot

Demi Lovato, who has debut album “Don’t Forget” on September 23, was spotted while doing a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly in Lower East Side, New York City, on Wednesday, September 3.