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David Archuleta Was Spotted At 2010 “Stand Up To Cancer Benefit”

David Archuleta was spotted while he attended the 2010 “Stand Up to Cancer Benefit.”

Eva Longoria Hosts For Charitable Soccer Challenge

Eva Longoria was spotted while doing charitable endeavors at the Home Depot Center on July 17.

David Cook Missed “American Idol” Reunion

David Cook appeared to miss the “American Idol” reunion, which includes a special farewell tribute segment.

Zac Efron Visits Children’s Hospital

Stepping out for charity, Zac Efron made a visit to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California on Friday morning (June 12).

David Cook’s Brother Dies of Brain Cancer

David Cook’s older brother, Adam Cook, has passed away on Saturday, May 2 after losing to his 11-year struggle with brain cancer.

Patrick Swayze Is Winning Battle Against Cancer

Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze revealed that he is still fighting the “good fight” as the actor is firing back at media outlets that have been reporting his cancer has spread.

Jennifer Aniston Thinks 30 Rock Was Awesome

Jennifer Aniston, who was spotted making a crazy eyes on the set of “30 Rock,” had a blast shooting her guest spot on 30 Rock.

David Cook Talks About Pressure, David Archuleta And Writing Songs

David Cook, who is the recent “American Idol” winner, comes across as the big brother on tour. Maybe it’s because he came out on top, or maybe it’s just his nature, but Cook shows no signs of competition — not even the friendly kind.

Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 36-year-old “Friends” star has an early form of the disease and is expected to make a full recovery, her spokesperson has revealed.

Paris Hilton Donates To L.A. Children’s Hospital

Paris Hilton has made an ”extremely generous” donation to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

“American Idol” David Cook Has Bravest Fan

David Cook, who was previously crowned as American Idol champ, has experienced a huge thrill after meeting his biggest fan Lindsey Rose Belcher.