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Drew Barrymore Attends Beautycon In NYC

Drew Barrymore was smiling when she attended the 3rd Annual Beautycon on October 1 in New York City.

Taylor Swift Is A New “Covergirl”

Taylor Swift, who added to the list of the new “Covergirl,” revealed that the chance is a dream came true for her.

Angelina Jolie Outbanks Jennifer Aniston In Highest Paid Actresses of 2008

Forbes magazine has put out their annual Celebrity 100. In a neverending battle fit for the tabloids, the top spot for highest-paid actress was a battle between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

Drew Barrymore Does Elle Magazine May 2009

She has made her mark as a charming love interest onscreen, but if Drew Barrymore has her way, she’ll be tackling more serious roles from now on.

Drew Barrymore On Sunny Attitude, Favorite Music & Taste In Men

Drew Barrymore, who stars in and produced the romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You” has some answers to the questions of her fans.

Drew Barrymore Will Skip Jen Aniston’s 40th Birthday Party

Drew Barrymore turns 34 on Feb. 22, and Jennifer Aniston turns 40 on Feb. 11. Will they be throwing a joint party?

Jennifer Aniston’s Dating Dilemmas

Jennifer Aniston finds dating difficult.

Drew Barrymore Eyes Third Charlie’s Angels

“Charlie’s Angels 3” is in the list of Drew Barrymore’s future feature film project.

Brad Pitt Got ‘Ugly Dog’ Diss As Angelina Jolie Talks Adoption

It was reported that a “clearly drunk” woman accosted Brad Pitt as he chitchatted with pals at the HBO bash.

Drew Barrymore: “Modern Technology Takes Mystery Out of Dating”

Drew Barrymore hates surfing the Internet for love – because it has taken all the romance out of dating.

Cameron Diaz Refused To Share At A Party

Cameron Diaz, who previously looked for a perfect house, upset guests by refusing to share her cigarettes at a party.

Drew Barrymore Talked Obama, McCain And Relationships

Drew Barrymore, who was American icon and voting advocate, has posed for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine for its November 2008 cover.

Kirsten Dunst Got Crush On Barack Obama

Kirtsen Dunst has revealed that U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama gets her vote and not only when it comes to politics.

Nicole Kidman Got Top Spot In Hollywood Overpaid List

Nicole Kidman was named the most overpaid celebrity in Hollywood in the second annual list of least bankable stars by U.S. magazine Forbes, taking the top slot from fellow Australian Russell Crowe.

Is Cameron Diaz ‘Not Ready To Settle Down’?

Cameron Diaz is not ready to settle down with boyfriend Paul Sculfor, according to the reports.