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Rape Center Slammed Kristen Stewart For Being ‘Famous’ Comment

Kristen Stewart was slammed by rape crisis groups for weird comments of being famous in Elle magazine.

Lily Cole Covered “Elle Magazine”

Lily Cole became the cover girl for Elle magazine for its French issue May 2010 with catchy lines: ultra glamorous according to dior.

Kristen Stewart Covered “Elle” Magazine June 2010

Kristen Stewart, who was in the cover of “Elle” magazine in June 2010, revealed on how she landed on top in the Hollywood sales.

Stacy Ferguson Graces UK’s Elle Magazine

Fergie, who is the “Black-Eyed Peas” singer, graces Elle magazine for May 2010 issue.

Megan Fox Banned Online For One Day

Is Megan Fox wearing out her welcome? A dozen male-centric Web sites are reportedly imposing a ban on the starlet – for one day, at least.

Miley Cyrus: Cover Girl Of Elle Magazine August 2009

Featured on the magazine’s August 2009 cover, she is photographed wearing black outfits that expose her black bra.

Britney Spears’ Photoshoot Accident

A recent Britney Spears photoshoot came to a ‘sticky’ end – when she forgot ‘what time of month it was’, according to reports.

Megan Fox: Robert Pattinson & Zac Efron Are ‘Too Pretty’ & ‘Immature’

Engaged to 35-year-old actor Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox considers guys in their 20s, like Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron, are “too pretty” and “immature”.

Drew Barrymore Does Elle Magazine May 2009

She has made her mark as a charming love interest onscreen, but if Drew Barrymore has her way, she’ll be tackling more serious roles from now on.

Jennifer Aniston’s No Regrets In Life

Jennifer Aniston, who graced the cover of April 2009 issue of Elle magazine, has said she has “no regrets” as she refused to be drawn into a discussion on her divorce to Brad Pitt in a recent interview.

Jessica Alba On Childbirth, Girdles & Exotic Look

Jessica Alba has given an interview to the March ELLE in which she talks about childbirth, her figure and her exotic looks.

Kate Hudson’s Dating Disasters

The reason Kate Hudson is never single for long? She’s boy crazy.

Beyonce Knowles’ Comment Upsets Janet Jackson

Beyonce Knowles has reportedly upset fellow pop star Janet Jackson by implying that her family were not from a high-class background.

Will Jennifer Lopez Judge Project Runway Finale?

Jennifer Lopez will serve as a judge on the season 5 finale of Bravo’s Project Runway, according to a source.

Jennifer Lopez: Does Elle Magazine, Revealed Pregnancy Details

Jennifer Lopez, who graced the cover of Elle’s magazine for its October issue cover story, revealed that she was “selfish” for the first time in her life while she was pregnant with twins Max and Emme, who are now 6 months old.