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Facebook Invite Offered Link To Lindsay Lohan’s Explicit Tape

Lindsay Lohan was rumored of having a explicit threesome tape based on a Facebook invite.

Kim Kardashian: Thankful For Million Facebook Friends

Kim Kardashian, who turned 30 and celebrate birthday with Kanye last weekend, was thankful for having more than 3 million Facebook friends.

Justin Timberlake Attends “The Social Network” Premiere

Justin Timberlake attends a premiere of “The Social Network” in New York City on September 24.

Lindsay Lohan’s Cameo Appearance In Facebook

Lindsay Lohan has a surprise appearance after being included in Cameo Stars on Facebook.

Katy Perry Was Spotted At IFA Trade Fair In Berlin

Katy Perry was spotted in the Deutsche Telekom booth at the IFA trade fair on September 5.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be A Proud Father

Cristiano Ronaldo will be a proud father but he shared through Facebook and Twitter.

Britney Spears’ Twitter Follower

Britney Spears, who previously promote her Facebook, become the most followed person on Twitter.

David Cook Speaks About “American Idol” Benefit Concert

David Cook, who was the “American Idol” winner, speaks about “American Idol” benefit concert on April 21.

Courtney Love Did Not Want Frances Bean Cobain To Become Jamie Lynn Spears

Courtney Love preferred that her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain to become Jamie Lynn Spears, who had a daughter, Maddie, at age 17, in 2008.

Prince Harry Has Invited Caroline Flack To Cornwall

Things may be stepping up a gear between Prince Harry and Sky TV presenter Caroline Flack.

Zac Efron: No Twitter, MySpace, Facebook

Not wanting people to track down his whereabouts, Zac Efron says he doesn’t make account on Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook.

Chris Brown Didn’t Slam Rihanna On Facebook

A source close to Chris Brown tells that the singer hasn’t been updating his Facebook status with messages about Rihanna.

Chris Brown Changes Status ‘Single’ On Facebook After Rihanna Assault

Chris Brown has made his first comment about his alleged assault on Rihanna, announcing the end of their relationship on Facebook.

Kim Kardashian Is Not On Facebook

Kim Kardashian seems trying really hard to get her voice heard these days. First with all those comments about being personally offended by critics who slammed Jessica Simpson’s weight, and now, with a random blog about how she’s absolutely not on Facebook people.

Lindsay Lohan Upset With Facebook And Denies Split

Lindsay Lohan tried to use her Facebook account (named Bella Vita) to deny the rumors that she and girlfriend Sam Ronson were on the rocks, but the social networking site didn’t believe that Bella Vita was true Lindsay Lohan, so they deleted her account.