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Zac Efron’s Guest Appearance On “Sunrise”

Zac Efron was spotted in Sydney, Australia on September 20 to record a guest appearance.

Zac Efron Was Partying With Sexy Girl Band

Zac Efron was partying with Beach Girl5 after his U.K. premiere of “Charlie St. Cloud.”

Zac Efron’s Awkward Teenage Years

Zac Efron admitted that he was skinny and awkward kid during his teenage years.

Zac Efron’s New Facial Hair In Madrid Film Premiere

Zac Efron flaunted his new facial hair during a film premiere “Charlie St. Cloud” in Madrid today.

Zac Efron Was Spotted In Deauville Premiere of “Charlie St Cloud”

Zac Efron was spotted at the premiere of his upcoming film, “Charlie St Cloud” on September 11.

Vanessa Hudgens ‘Branched Out’ With Edgier Roles

Vanessa Hudgens has left “High School Musical” to make a movie about music — at a high school.

Prince William Works Obama Greeting

It’s a greeting which seems to have gained in popularity in the wake of Barack Obama’s White House residency, and this week Prince William adopted the high five salute when meeting a young football fan.

Vanessa Hudgens Confirms: No More High School Musical Films

Vanessa Hudgens believes there are no more High School Musical films in the pipeline as she revealed that she and Zac won’t be reprising their roles in the Disney franchise.

How Ashley Tisdale Inspired A Fan

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale’s films and music have inspired a modern-day Peter Pan.

Zac Efron’s Valentines Dinner Date With Vanessa Hudgens

“High School Musical” sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens know how to keep the Valentine fire burning.

Zac Efron On Advice, Acting & Film Set

Want the inside scoop on the hunky High School Musical hottie? You got it! Zac waxes lyrical about college, shaving his head and the secret scenes filmed exclusively for the HSM3 DVD.

Vanessa Hudgens In Twilight Film?

Rumors are suggesting that Vanessa Hudgens, who shot to fame in “High School Musical” films, might be close to signing as the character of Leah in “New Moon.”

Zac Efron’s Vanessa Hudgens Help

Zac Efron says girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens makes him a “better person”.

Zac Efron Surprised By Persistent Fans

Zac Efron found his sexy status a burden because he is constantly trailed by hoards of adoring fans.

Vanessa Hudgens Doesn’t Regret Controversial Photo, Loved ‘High School’ Graduation

Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t regret the world seeing too sexy images of her despite it leaving her “traumatized”.