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Angelina Jolie: On Marrying & Splitting With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie, who was interviewed by “Nightline” show, answered if she is going to marry Brad or to split up with him.

Jennifer Aniston Laughed Over “Baby Food” Diet Claims

Jennifer Aniston dismissed the claims that she eat baby food to keep her thin curves.

Jennifer Aniston Was Rumored To Direct A New Flick

Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants to direct her new flick.

Jonas Brothers Rumored To Break-up In The New Year

Jonas Brothers dominating the music scene may be coming to an end as a report suggested that the musical trio may be looking to go their separate ways in the New Year.

Kristen Stewart Thought Break-up Scene In New Moon Is Scariest Thing

Less than two weeks before the film premiere of “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon,” Kristen Stewart admitted that the break-up scene of Bella Swan is the scariest thing.

Jennifer Aniston’s “Horrible” Breakup Story

Jennifer Aniston’s most famous split is from Brad Pitt — but that’s not the breakup she calls “horrible” in a new interview.

Brangelina’s $250 Million Break-up, Brad Confides To Jennifer?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly heading for one of the messiest, most expensive breakups in Hollywood history.

Cameron Diaz Splits From Paul Sculfor?

Cameron Diaz and her model boyfriend Paul Sculfor reportedly have ended their love relationship after months of dating.

Lindsay Lohan’s Family Wants Her In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s family wants the 21-year-old, whose life is spinning out of control following her breakup with gal pal Samantha Ronson, back in rehab.

Jennifer Aniston ‘Furious’ Over Break Up Song

Jennifer Aniston’s mood on the set of The Baster has apparently gone from bad to worse after learning that John Mayer has written a song about their recent split.

Taylor Swift Denied Pregnancy Rumors And Confirmed Phone Break-up

Taylor Swift is furious over rumors that hit the Internet this week suggesting she was pregnant with former boyfriend Joe Jonas’ baby.

Jennifer Aniston’s 20 Million Offer From A Sequel

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is set to earn $20 million for a sequel to “The Break-Up”.

Jennifer Aniston Reconciles With John Mayer?

Jennifer Aniston, who previously doesn’t worry about what’s written about her private life anymore, is reportedly resumed her contact with her former boyfriend John Mayer and longed for a reconciliation.

Jennifer Aniston Seeks A Date From Friends After ‘Normal’ Split

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly so desperate to find another man following the demise of her romance with John Mayer that she’s asking friends to find her a date.

Jennifer Aniston’s “Never Have Seen Photos” Revealed

A magazine could easily sell especially with pictures of Jennifer Aniston in it and some photo controversies arise. The “Break up” actress usually has to worry about topless photos taken with long lenses sold to the tabloids.