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Tiger Woods Connects With His Fans On Twitter

Tiger Woods, who posted his photograph, connects with his fans and answered two dozen questions on Twitter.

Justin Bieber Was Thrilled Over His “Baby” Video

Justin Bieber was thrilled after his “Baby” video has passed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance as the most watched promo.

David Beckham’s Lego Passion & Driving Dates With Victoria Beckham

David Beckham, who was interviewed in a streamed live online, spent 90 minutes in answering fans’ questions.

Justin Bieber On Dating & ‘Flashing’ Fans

Justin Bieber opened up about dating, ‘flashing’ fans in an interview with “Details” magazine.

Robert Pattinson Shielded From Fans By Special ‘Enclosure’

Robert Pattinson has a special enclosure he can retreat to away from the prying eyes of watchers between takes on new movie Remember Me, it’s claimed.

Miley Cyrus Invites Fans To Have Live Chat With Her

In anticipation of the release of “Hannah Montana” season 3 soundtrack album, Miley Cyrus invites fans to join her in a live chat that will be kicked off this weekend.

Leonardo DiCaprio Left Shoeless By Thieving Fans

A-list celebrities have bodyguards, personal assistants, managers, publicists and countless other hangers-on to “watch out” for their well-being and security.

Johnny Depp: “Fans Turned Me Into A Recluse”

Johnny Depp has blamed over-zealous fans for turning him into a housebound recluse.

Ashley Greene Says Fans Chase Robert Pattinson Down The Street

Becoming famous after starring as Edward Cullen in “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson is often chased down the street by his legion of fans that makes it hard for him to hang out with his friends.

Robert Pattinson Fears He Won’t Live Up To Fans’ Expectations

Robert Pattinson is feeling the pressure of his hearttthrob status.

Miley Cyrus Wants To Be A Role Model

“I want my fans to watch me and when I make good decisions, make similar decisions and when I make mistakes, learn from them because I will too,” Miley Cyrus says of becoming a role model.

Zac Efron: Hunk For All Ages

Bad news for Zac Efron’s teenage fans — the hunky star would rather be spending time with your mom!

David Cook Tells Overly Aggressive Fans To Back Off

Fame has gotten ugly at times for American Idol champ David Cook, who issued a plea for his privacy while on tour.

Zac Efron Intimidated By Fans’ Moms

Zac Efron, who previously got racy photos for a magazine, is scared of his fans’ moms.

Jonas Brothers Answer Fans’ Questions Online

The Jonas Brothers revealed something about their dating life after they invited fans to send questions to them.