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David Beckham Will Start His Own Underwear Line

David Beckham, who represents Emporio Armani, will start his own underwear line.

Rihanna’s Official Kodak Commercial Was Unveiled

The official commercial for Rihanna’s Kodak advertisement campaign was unveiled on October 15.

Jennifer Aniston Posed Too Sexy For Perfume Ad Campaign

Jennifer Aniston, who was only wearing a white skirt, posed for perfume advertisement campaign.

Britney Spears Planned A “Glee” Episode

Britney Spears will have an episode in “Glee” after the series creator confirmed the news.

Miranda Kerr’s Photoshoot In Hollywood

Miranda Kerr posed for a photo shoot in Hollywood, California on June 12.

Leonardo DiCaprio Joined WWF To Save Tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio, who joined the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), planned a trip to Asia in a bid to save the tigers.

Helena Christensen Posed For Reebok Campaign

Helena Christensen, who was wearing only a pair of shoes, posed for the campaign of Reebok.

Olivia Munn Posed For PETA Campaign

Olivia Munn stirred the headlines after flaunting her curves to support a worthy cause against animal cruelty in circus. The American television host was hurt and cried when she watched the online video about the abuse of the elephants.

Corbin Bleu’s Christmas Eve Lunch Volunteer

Corbin Bleu was spotted peeking inside a hot dish when he volunteered to serve Christmas Eve lunch at the L.A. Mission on December 24 in Los Angeles.

Barack Obama’s Fundraising Drop

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s fundraising clip slowed down in October to about a half of his torrid September pace even as he increased his spending to record levels.

Sarah Palin Dismissed $150K Designer Clothes Claim

Sarah Palin insisted in an interview on Thursday that she did not accept $150,000 worth of designer clothes from the Republican Party and said the media spotlight on the story is evidence of bias against women candidates.

Barack Obama’s Sudden Campaign Break For His Sick Grandmother

Barack Obama has decided to drop campaigning for two days later this week for a previously unplanned visit to his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, campaign officials announced late Monday.

Jessica Alba Wears Only A Muzzler For A New Ad

Jessica Alba, who previously posed in a bondage, silences herself again as she posed for the second ad for the “Declare Yourself” campaign.

Lindsay Lohan Slams Joe Francis, Will Be Project Runaway’s Guest Judge

Lindsay Lohan, who was previously turned down by Obama’s camp when she offered help to raise funds for campaign, has slammed “Girls Gone Wild” star Joe Francis.

Barack Obama Campaign Has Official Soundtrack

The presidential campaign of Barack Obama, which attracted a lot of songs from stars and amateurs, got an official soundtrack.